🌟 Shield Yourself from the Flu Threat! 🌟

14 May 2024

Flu cases are on the rise again, and it's crucial to defend yourself, especially in crowded places like offices, schools, and public transport where the flu virus can spread easily. Did you know that the flu vaccine significantly reduces your risk of illness and its complications? 🤧💉

🔹 Why Vaccinate?

The flu vaccine is safe and effective, lowering your chance of getting the flu and spreading it to others.


🔹 Who Should Get Vaccinated?

Everyone aged 6 months and older should get vaccinated, especially those at higher risk (children, seniors, pregnant women, and individuals with chronic conditions).


🔹 Where to Get Vaccinated?

Flu vaccines are still available at all Northeast Medical Group clinics!


💉 Schedule an appointment here: l.ead.me/bookfluvax


🔹 *Verify Your Eligibility for a Subsidised Flu Vaccine: https://fluvax2024.paperform.co/


🔹 When to Get Vaccinated?

The earlier, the better! Protect yourself before flu season peaks.


Remember, the flu virus can easily transmit in crowded places due to close contact and shared surfaces. Practice good hygiene and get vaccinated to stay protected this season! 💪 Together, we can prioritize our health and well-being. #FluFighter #StayHealthy #GetVaccinated #CommunityHealth #FluSeason

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