Affordable & Accessible Mental Health Services within Singapore

19 Aug 2022

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How Mindside came about   

Mental health has always been an area of concern in Singapore. In recent years, COVID-19 has brought about drastic changes to our lives and resulted in increased stressors such as social isolation and loss of livelihoods, leading to an increase in distress and anxiety among the population. A recent study by Institute of Mental Health (IMH) conducted during the pandemic found that 8.7% of the surveyed Singapore population met the criteria for clinical depression, while 9.4% met the criteria for anxiety. 9.3% met the criteria for mild to severe stress.   

Despite the increased stressors, there are many who delay seeking help due to stigmatisation and negative beliefs towards mental health services amongst many other factors. This has highlighted the need for accessible mental health services for the community, in the community.   


What is Mindside?  

Mindside aims to provide a platform for individuals to seek professional help within the community. By improving accessibility, Mindside also aims to reduce waiting time for mental health interventions thereby improving health outcomes.    

Mental health care in Singapore is often perceived as expensive thus deterring individuals from seeking help to address conditions like stress, insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression and more. With support from MOH-T, Mindside is able to provide this service to the public at affordable rates and thus reducing one of the barriers to seeking help.    


What does Mindside offer?   


1. For the public   

  • Free mental health assessment: Take free screening tests to understand more about your current mental health status.  
  • Get referred to the right professional (Doctor or Counsellor) with a shorter waiting time.
  • Appointments can be made via website or, simply WhatsApp us at +65 8028 5248.    


2. For other GPs  

  • Easy access to MOH recognized assessment tools  
  • Facilitation of access to MOH subsidy and assistance schemes  


3. For other healthcare professionals  

  • Simple referral process   
  • Reduced waiting time for consultations   


“Mindside aims to reach out to individuals within the community. These are individuals who may not have insight into the possible linkage between their somatic symptoms and their mental health. The counsellor works with the client on addressing their problems in a positive way through clarifying the issues, exploring options, developing strategies and increasing self-awareness.”  

- Jesslyn Tham, Mental Health Counsellor


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